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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Memphis, Tennessee

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Joshua N. Corman

Attorney at Law

I have always been interested in the law. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Government from Georgetown University, I pursued my law degree at the University of Missouri School of Law. Before opening my criminal defense firm in Tennessee, I worked as an Assistant Attorney General and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the State of Missouri. From there, I became the Assistant District Attorney for Shelby County. All of these experiences working to prosecute criminals provided me with invaluable knowledge of the criminal justice system that I use to defend my clients today.


"Everyone has the right to a good defense, and to have their side of the story be heard."

Joshua N. Corman

Tough Cases Deserve Tough Representation

When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, no matter the accusation, you need a trusted legal advocate in your corner. I have many years of experience in criminal law, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. I understand the inner workings of the justice system, and can make sure you're treated fairly— no matter what you're up against.

Facing criminal charges can bring about doubt, distrust, and judgment from those who don't fully understand what led you to this situation. I take the time to get to know the circumstances surrounding the allegations against you and work to help you understand the options you have from here.

Whether you've been charged with a drug crime, sex crime, violent crime, or other serious offense, I will treat you like a human being; not some nameless criminal. I understand that just because you've been charged doesn't mean you're guilty. And with many years of focus on a wide range of criminal cases, I can use my experience to build a strong defense for your case.

If all feels lost, know that the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney can show you the way to a better tomorrow. Don't wait to seek legal assistance for your case. The sooner we begin to work together, the more hope I can bring to your situation.

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Defending You Today for a Better Tomorrow

Criminal charges are serious and can be stressful to face alone. If you're convicted, there are major consequences that could impact your life now, and in the future. That's why it's important to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer who isn't afraid to fight for your rights and freedom.

When you choose to work with me, I will make your case my top priority. I take the time to thoroughly understand you and your situation so that I can help you craft a strong defense for a favorable outcome. I'll be a strong legal advocate for you every step of the way, allowing you to feel confident about the direction your case is moving in.

From minor traffic violations to major criminal charges involving sex crimes, drug crimes, and domestic violence — I have over a decade of experience serving individuals and families in Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett, and Collierville, Tennessee with dedicated counsel and strong representation to meet all of their legal needs.

Don't wait to seek the legal assistance you need. I will work tirelessly to minimize the impact the criminal charges you're facing have on your future. Reach out today for a free consultation and learn more about how my experience can work for you.