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1.What are the most common offenses when dealing with drug charges?

There are five different types of drug related offense charges in the State of Tennessee

  • Possession/casual exchange

  • Possession with intent

  • Sale of a controlled substance

  • Drug trafficking and conspiracy

  • Drug manufacturing

2.What is the punishment for possession or sale of drug precursors?

Sale, manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance in addition to possession with the intent to sell are considered felony offenses in the state of Tennessee. Felony drug offenses can range from Class A felonies to Class E felonies. Ranges of the sentence is dependent upon a person's criminal history.

3.What is the difference between assault and domestic assault?

Assault will often involve any type of threat or putting someone in fear of harm or physical abuse. Domestic assault consists of the same type of offenses just committed against a family member or significant other. The penalties for domestic assault can be much more severe.

4.What should I do if I am arrested for a DUI?

The first step for if you get pulled over and arrested for a DUI is to exercise your first amendment right of remaining silent and staying silent until an attorney arrives. You are not required to undergo an sobriety test however, there can be severe consequences of denying tests. Contact an experience DUI lawyer to help resolve such a complicated matter.

5.Do I need a defense attorney if I get a misdemeanor?

Misdemeanors are considered serious criminal charges in Tennessee and should not be taken lightly. A convicted for a misdemeanor will remain permanent on your record. It will not "roll off" your record at any time. It is possible to obtain an expungement if you are acquitted of the misdemeanor charges that you are facing.