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Aggravated Assault

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Memphis, TN

One altercation that gets out of hand could lead to aggravated assault charges. If you've been accused of assault, an attorney can help you build a solid defense. The Law Office of Joshua N. Corman, LLC can defend you against domestic violence, sexual assault, assault and battery or any other assault charge in Memphis, TN. Your criminal defense attorney, Joshua N. Corman, will protect your rights throughout legal proceedings.

The sooner you reach out to an assault attorney, the sooner they can start working on your case. Call 901-490-7411 now to schedule a consultation with attorney Corman.

Accused of Assault?

Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Don't try to handle aggravated assault charges on your own. One small slip-up could cost you your case-and your freedom. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to...

  • Gather and submit evidence

  • Prepare you for court

  • Interview witnesses

Attorney Corman has a proven track record of defending clients in Memphis, TN. Your case is in good hands with him.